About our company

JeliFresh.com is owned and operated JeliFresh Corporation. JeliFresh Corporation aims to provide quality ethnic food products with timely delivery and convenience of ordering online. JeliFresh Corporation connects with various ethnic food providers from all over the world. Including but not limited to food companies from Asian countries such as Japan, China, India; Middle Eastern countries, and African Countries. JeliFresh.com is operated and marketed by Internet Veterans with years of Internet Marketing experience. JeliFresh.com is committed to ensuring that the needs of our customers are met with the same care as those of large major distribution organizations.

Goals and perspectives

Our Goal is to provide quality and hard-to-find Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European food online. Our food will be shipped to all over USA and around the world. It is our mission to ensure the highest level of consumer satisfaction by making all sorts of verities available you and able to provide fast delivery. Therefore, we have many local grocery stores lining up as our affiliation.

We have a state of an art IT system which was developed in-house by our own IT Department. We developed an advanced inventory tracking system that enables us to limit and ensure validity of expiration dates for all the food products that we provide. We value the security of our customers very much and for their protection we have latest Verisign's 128 bit SSL Pro, Strongest Encryption available from GeoTrush). Our in-office system is so advanced that we make use of Biometric System for our employees. We aim to provide quality and hard-to-find Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European food online. Our food will be shipped to all over USA, thus providing a wide variety of exotic foods to the entire USA. JeliFresh Corporation enables you to order all the exotic food from around the world online right at your door steps.

JeliFresh Assurance

We respect cultural and religious food related concern. Therefore we pay extra attention to our food source and label, such as Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Organic foods. We keep our halal, and kosher food separate from other products. We also use separate facility to pack and ship them to you. Even though, the food is not contaminated with non-halal or non-kosher, but we take an extra step to satisfy our customers. We, JeliFresh Corporation, are proud to offer our customers what they need.

We pick and ship food before it’s expire date. Rest assures that our team is assuring that all of our food is fresh and good for consumption. This is our highest priority toward all of our affiliation grocery stores as well.

We assure privacy and security. Our in-house state of the art IT system combines with latest security technology, we like to assure you that all of your data as well as you transaction is secure. We deploy the latest 128 bit SSL, Strongest Encryption, to ensure your transaction is secure.