Products Guarantee


Every products sold by JeliFresh are purchased from licensed suppliers, brand affiliates, US branches and other branches in the formal sales qualification, and signed an authentic guarantee agreement. In addition, It is our highest priority to ensure a good quality products. We carefully select our suppliers and affiliations to ensure that customers receive genuine quality products.

Brand Authorization Qualification Review:

JeliFresh only purchases from brand branches, brand US branches, qualified agency, and other formal channels! All suppliers' qualifications are strictly reviewed by JeliFresh to ensure that each supplier is properly licensed.

Supplier Document Review:

JeliFresh and our affiliations work together to impose a very stringent standards. Suppliers who are proven to hold sales certificates are required to ensure the safety and authenticity of their items.

Product Quality Inspection Report Review:

All goods on have been approved by the FDA and received commodity inspection.

Packing and Shipment Full Inspection:

All and each products before send out from JeliFresh warehouse are checked by professional quality inspection staff to ensure the packaging and its quality to meet the issued requirements.